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Basic signals are suitable for all traders, even those who do not have trading experience yet. They have a lot of time to enter and Take-profit, but they have to pay for it with a lower Success rate than PRO signals. PRO signals are suitable for more experienced traders, trading on them, you will need to enter into a trade promptly after the signal is released. The division into 2 types of signals is made so that each trader chooses for himself how he wants to trade, calmly or aggressively. Please note that the Success rate on basic signals is lower than at the PRO. It does not mean that they do not bring income, on deposits up to $10,000 it is very difficult to notice the difference, they also bring a large income.
Market condition is 10 OnChain indicators, which, historically, very accurately determined the peak of bitcoin (before its fall of more than 65%). Some of these indicators cost more than $10,000 and some are impossible to buy. Due to these indicators, you will be able to assess whether it is worth investing in cryptocurrency (if so, what is the growth potential) or it is no longer worth doing this. Please note, with the growth of bitcoin, the value of all indicators will decrease, it is possible to determine the peak (with maximum accuracy) only at the moment of reaching the average price of bitcoin by all indicators.
Pump/dump signals are the fastest and most profitable type of signals. We publish a signal about which cryptocurrency you need to buy at any mark up to a certain price and at what price to sell, due to many our customers, altcoin with a small capitalization starts to grow sharply in price. Now traders who do not know what is happening are starting to buy this altcoin in the hope of making a profit, the price continues to grow. In just a few minutes, the price can make +50%, and then, when the price reaches the right one, our traders start to sell the asset to those who continue to buy it, hoping for further growth. Thus, you can make +30% to the deposit in just an hour, but such signals rarely come out and are planned in advance.
The stability index is a set of many data that allows you to understand whether it is safe to trade on the market now or not. By security, we mean the probability of bitcoin to make a movement that cannot be predicted. For example: 3000 BTC were sent to the Binance wallet. We do not know whether they will be sold or not, if they are, the price may fall, if not, it will continue to grow. Thus, temporarily, it is impossible to predict the price movement and it is not worth opening new trades. Please note that if you are already in positions based on signals, you do not need to close them ahead of time due to index changes. This index only helps to understand whether it is more risky to trade now than usual.
During an open position, you can go to this section and periodically get acquainted with interesting indicators in our opinion, perhaps they will help you. But please note, no indicators can compare with the profitability of our signals.
In addition to indicators that are dangerous to use separately in trading, we offer (only for study) interesting trading strategies. Their knowledge will be useful to every trader, but we remind you that we also know about all these strategies, the Success rate of our signals is still higher.
OnChain analytics is an extremely important component of our trading, we also share this analysis with our traders. In short, it is a blockchain analysis of any cryptocurrency to understand what is likely to happen to it in the future. For example, if someone has just transferred 5000 BTC to the exchange, we conclude that they most likely want to sell them, which can reduce its price.
Every day we play cryptocurrency among our traders, we randomly choose 1 client of our platform depending on the type of bonus (from what status it is available). As soon as we choose him, we contact him by email, as well as, when he visits the site, the site will notify the client that he needs to check his mail or write to support.
If you want to receive notifications to your phone via telegram bot, just enter in the bot CRYPTERDER SIGNALS BOT your email, under which you are registered on our website. You will receive only those signals that are available to your status.
If there are large commissions in the bitcoin network now, there is a simple solution. When paying, choose another cryptocurrency, for example, Litecoin. If your bitcoins are on the exchange, you can easily exchange bitcoins for litecoin and pay for the status in them, the transfer will be faster and cheaper. If litecoin is not on your wallet/exchange, you can choose, for example, DASH. In total, we support payment in 10 cryptocurrencies.
After 1 confirmation in the network, the status will be issued instantly.

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